Wednesday, May 6, 2009

RIP Thor

? - May 6, 2009

hubby came downstairs this morning before work to find our new betta, thor, had gone on to fishy heaven. i came downstairs and found him in a tupperware on top of the tank (hubby leaves at an ungodly hour when i am still in bed). poor thor. hubby thinks he had some kind of a fungus based on the research he did online. i hope it's not something we did/didn't do with his tank. i'm so sad. :( hubby says we will figure out what went wrong and he will get me another one. i hope i don't kill the next one, too.

to top it all off yesterday my dad called to let me know my childhood cat (i got her when i was barely 11) is really sick. she is very old, and crabby, and has lost a lot of her teeth. they think they will have to put her down. they are taking her to the vet tomorrow. because she's so old if it isn't something simple (like meds) they won't try to prolong her life. this just kills me. i love that crabby old cat that hisses at you every time you walk by.

i'm not having much luck in the pet department lately. hopefully nothing happens to our dog or cat.


Devri said...

If you don't suceed, try, try again......

so sad... May peace be with you this sad sad day!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

:( Sorry.