Monday, May 4, 2009

migraine, migraine, go away....

so although i am feeling much better overall, i still have some really crappy days. and nights. today i have a monstrous headache. last night was worse....i was so dizzy i was disoriented. i had no idea which direction i was going and opening my eyes was a nightmare. luckily i'm not as dizzy today. let me tell you, i will be so thrilled in 21 weeks when this baby gets here. (not just because i won't be pregnant anymore.)

hubby thinks my migraines might be associated with gluten. i'm not so sure. but it is a possibility. does anyone else have gluten issues? i've heard of it before--i have a few friends that have gluten allergies. it would totally suck if i couldn't eat anything with gluten in it anymore.

we have a new addition to our family. hubby humored me and bought me a betta fish. we named him thor. i love him. i have always loved fish and never had one before. so now we do! he has red fins and his body shimmers from blue to purple to red. we got a little tank complete with pump, light, and lid for about $10, then bought rocks for it. we had a fake plant leftover from the turtles we used to own that was still in the package, so i put that in there too. he loves the plant. little buddy has enjoyed watching him, like me. it's fun to have a fish. now we have a dog, a cat, and a fish. hopefully he won't stink as bad as the turtles we had.

well it's 9 am and little buddy is going down for a nap...which means i am too. hopefully i can sleep off a little of this headache.

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Devri said...

the doctors have a medicine for that! wow, that sounded tongan!!!

they have tyn. in it and caffine.

it helped me.. ask your doct.