Thursday, May 28, 2009

dream on

so this morning i woke up at 6 am. couldn't sleep any longer. last night i didn't fall asleep until around midnight---also couldn't sleep. good grief.

i had the weirdest/kinda cool dream just before i woke up last night. hubby and i were rich (woohoo! love those dreams!) so i decided to head on over to the mall and have myself a little bit of fun. i had my makeup done, got some new clothes, and moseyed over to the salon. where i cut my hair and bleached it, then had those awesome fake acrylic nails done on my hands and feet. the coolest part? the tips were black and had these little bats all over them. freaky i know but i thought it was cool.

so....subconscious telling me i need a change? i think so. and let me tell you i'd love a change involving hair/nails/makeup/clothes. i love those stupid acrylic nails, they make my hands look so pretty. :)

why can't i have cool dreams like that every night instead of nightmares?


JAG said...

I'll go with you! Let's spoil ourselves! ;)

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Sounds like a fun girls night out!