Saturday, May 9, 2009

RIP apollo

fish number two died today....i sat and watched the poor thing take his last breath. :(

we are on fish number three. if this fish dies, i'm done with fish. i'll stick to animals that don't die as easily, like my cat. and my dog.

goodbye, poor fish apollo, i hope you have a good time in fishy heaven with thor.

we named this fish ares. hopefully he's feisty like the god of war and won't give in without a major fight.


Blog Stalker said...

Fish die easily but cats and dogs dying are much more traumatic. Just something to think about.

Sorry about the fish, good luck on lucky number three.

Have a great day!

mile191 said...

so sad. sorry for your loss. pets are hard to loose. take care...good luck with fish three.