Tuesday, February 17, 2009

i'm not sure what to call this one. so this title probably sucks as much as this post.

my poor son is sick. he has never been sick--literally. he has had pain from teething and growing. but this time, he's got a fever, he's vomiting, he's sleeping more than usual--poor kid. two days before his birthday and he's ill.

we showed our house three times this last weekend. got emails from our realtor today. turns out the people that looked at it are not interested, because of the neighborhood. surprise, surprise. that's why we're leaving. disappointing because we thought that one of them was going to make an offer.

i am still feeling like crap.

went to work yesterday to find that the office was closed---no one told me.

i've been sleeping like i'm seven months pregnant. can't get comfortable, entire body aches, my stomach hurts, pain sleeping on my back. i'm eight weeks! i shouldn't be having this.

those vitamins i take cuz i'm preggers? nasty.

i'm feeling sorrrrry for myselffffff......

okay enough bitching, now for some happy thoughts.
hubby texted me this morning to tell me we're going out to eat at this fantastic brazilian buffet tonight "because i deserve it." mmmmmmmmmm.

i now have 33 followers, yay!

i got to see my friend steph yesterday which was awesome.

i had kiwi for breakfast. i love kiwi.

yesterday since i didn't have to work, hubby and i went shopping for little buddy's birthday. got some fantastic decorations and fun gifts for him! he gets his own cake, too, and we got fun things to decorate it with. i'm excited for the party we are having for him on saturday!

i have pretty orange daisies on my kitchen table. flowers make me so happy.

for valentine's day, hubby got me bath fizzes. i used one yesterday. it was lavender. i love lavender. and it turned the bathwater purple! it was pretty darn cool.


JAG said...

:) I wish I was going to that fantastic Brazilian place too! I think I know which one you're talking about and it is so yummy!

Sorry you're not feeling so well, and buddy too. Did you have a good Valentine's Day?

Enola said...

Sorry your son is sick. That's such a terrible feeling as a mommy.