Tuesday, February 3, 2009

the countdown

so today I am six weeks and one day pregnant. I am nauseated. I have a headache. I want to crawl in bed and hide there.

I told my hubby: only 34 weeks to go! and he rolled his eyes and told me he was going to put me in isolation for the next 8 months if I keep it up.

I’m ornery. I’m tired. I’m moody as hell.

I remember why I hated being pregnant so much.

I had bad morning sickness (morning! ha! try all day and all night sickness) until I was 24 weeks along with little buddy. then things got a lot better. my second trimester was great. headaches mostly gone. I wasn’t throwing up all the time. I wasn’t so big I was uncomfortable or in pain. the baby had started moving, we found out it was a boy, and I was so excited.
so I guess if we’re counting down, we should count down to that:

only 8 weeks to go until my second trimester…


Bev said...

I pray that your morning sicKness ends mine NEVER did I still have a hair trigger gag reflex! SO I never wish for morning sickness on any one

mile191 said...

glad i found you today. thanks for reading me.