Thursday, February 12, 2009

Forgiveness Can Heal

originally posted at modern molly mormon

Forgiving instead of nurturing retribution will help heal the conflicts that fracture our society.

Just as important, when we forgive, our own wounds begin to heal. As we faithfully surrender to the Savior the pain caused us by others, the power of the Atonement heals our wounded hearts, lifts our burdens of sorrow, and brings peace to our families, to our neighborhoods, and to our own souls.
The Apostle Paul reminds us, "Be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you." (Eph 4:32)

The judgment and forgiving are the Savior's perogative, for only he can forgive and wash away our sins. He reminds us, "This is my church. It is my name through which they will be saved. It is through my sacrifice. It is I who will judge." (See Mosiah 26:10-24)

How often do we forget who has the right to judge? Forgiveness of sin depends on Him, not on us.


Julia said...

Hi there,

First of all I wanted to say this is a good post for me right now. I'm going through some serious "I need to forgive" times and it is hard everyday.

Second, I was wondering if it is okay if I link to you on my blogroll. I'm updating and just want to include most of the blogs I enjoy. No problem if you don't want to. I'll still read you! :)

Bethany and Scott said...

Hey Thank you so much for the welcomed feeling you gave me and also pointed me over to the child abuse site. I really do think I can get help and try to help someone else. Also can I add you to my blog you can check it out on