Tuesday, February 10, 2009

it's TWINS!

just kidding! i got you there though, didn't i?

we went to the dr yesterday and had our first ultrasound done. everything is looking good, only one baby (thank goodness). we heard the baby's heartbeat and it was awesome. the baby is at the bottom of the uterus. our dr said it's "slumming" down there at the bottom...haha!

having a second kid is so much easier. dr knows me, my history, no pelvic exam, no rush on blood work (i'm waiting until next month) etc. the dr suggested acupuncture or hypnosis to help with my migraines. luckily they haven't been too bad so far. nausea sucks, but no throwing up. i threw up a lot with little buddy. just an overall feeling of malaise, the nausea and low grade headaches, sore muscles and being tired. but i am capable of functioning at home and work, which i am so grateful for.

dr also said it was okay for me to go back on my antidepressants. instead of the effexor i will be taking celexa. i took celexa for years, started in 9th grade and took it up through my freshman year of college. it works for me and so i am optimistic. limited side effects and it should affect the baby. he would like me to try and wean off it during the third trimester, but if i have to be on it then it will still be okay. my psychiatrist doesn't want me taking my anxiety med or nightmare meds though, which so far hasn't been too bad. i've had nightmares but nothing too terrifying. hasn't interfered a whole lot with my sleep. and only one panic attack so far. i think the exhaustion from being pregnant has helped me to sleep better at night so far.

i have had really tight muscles in my shoulders and it has been very painful. i didn't have a whole lot of that with little buddy. lucky for me my father in law is a physical therapist, and has his own business. they have massage therapists there that i can see. my in laws don't charge me my copay, so it's free. they just bill the insurance and take care of the rest. isn't that awesome? i'm going in tomorrow night to see if i can get some of my shoulder and back muscles a bit looser.

also another pregnancy annoyance--nasal congestion. and nosebleeds. i hated that last time and i still do. every morning i wake up all stuffed up and my throat hurts because of it. it usually fades within an hour but man is it obnoxious. and getting random bloody noses isn't fun either.

as far as cravings go, i've been drinking a ton of milk. and eating fruit. and other random things that i've seen on tv and such. i want to puke every time i see an arby's commercial, weird because that was one of my cravings last time. curly fries. and now i'm saying YUCK. smell of onions makes me ill. garlic a bit too. and italian food sounds sickening to me. macaroni and cheese sounds yummy. with little buddy i drank tons of slurpees. i would be drinking them a lot with this one too, helps the nausea, but it adds up.

my official due date is september 28th now. i'm really looking forward to getting out of the first trimester, which isn't too far away. i'm glad i haven't been as sick so far with this pregnancy. hopefully it will continue that way.

did any of you who have been pregnant have weird things going on? good/bad symptoms, illnesses, etc?


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♥georgie♥ said...

Glad the dr appt had good news...sept 29th is my lilest beans bday(i know a day apart)

JAG said...

TWINS!! That's so exciting!! JK...

Well when I was pregnant, I craved everything unhealthy. It was either when I was pregnant or overweight...one of the two. ;)

Enola said...

You mean you don't want 2, 3 or 8 at once? LOL

Try a Netti pot or sinus irrigation for the sinuses. Works wonders! You can also take claritin or zyrtec (over the counter).

My doc said lexapro and zoloft were the safest choices, even during 3rd trimester.

And Sept 27 is my birthday....and the 24th is my son's.

Hey what size maternity clothes do you wear? If you want some large/extra large, email me.

Marj aka Thriver said...

Congratulations! I still sometimes wish I would have had the experience of having two kids. But, I got a late start on the first one...so only had one.

I had a lot of healthy cravings for anything red with vitamin C--strawberries and lots of tomatoes. Ha! Haven't thought of that for a long time.

Feel better.

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Congrats and good luck with the your pregnancy. :)