Monday, April 12, 2010

7 steps to protecting our children: step 7

Step 7
Get involved.

Volunteer and financially support organization that fight the tragedy of child sexual abuse.

“What can I do to help children in my community?”

Get involved by donating your time and resources to support organizations such as these:
◆ Prevention programs
◆ Children’s advocacy centers
◆ Crisis information and referral services
◆ Rape crisis centers

Use your voice and your vote to make your community a safer place for children.
◆ Ask that schools and organizations in your community have child sexual abuse prevention policies, and help with their creation. Ask other adults to do the same.
◆ Bring Darkness to Light’s Stewards of Children prevention program to your community.
◆ Support legislation that protects children. Visit for legislative information.
◆ Demand that the government put more resources into protecting children from sexual abuse and into responding to reports of sexual abuse.
◆ Call and write your members of Congress.
◆ Write letters to your newspaper.


There are 39 million survivors of child sexual abuse in America today.
Let the healing and the prevention begin today.

The references for this booklet can be found in the 7 Steps portion of the Darkness to Light website,

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Ali from the Teddy Tour said...

I love that this has been included as a step in protecting our children! Remaining ignorant is putting kids at risk, and it's time people woke up AND spoke up!
Child sexual abuse is NEVER ok.