Monday, April 19, 2010

"The sun is nature's Prozac." (Astrid Alauda)

it's been a little while since i've posted. but in all, this is a good thing. this means that i am busy...and i am also a lot happier.

my meds really seem to be working and i am doing well at not forgetting to take them. i am also exercising more and eating better overall, which i think is helping. the weather is getting nice, which makes getting out of the house and into the sun easier, which also helps. (check out my weight-loss blog, burnin' baby fat, to see how my progress is coming.)

i have decided i am going to find a new therapist. the one i am seeing now doesn't seem to be doing a whole lot, and i have been getting rather irritated with the direction my therapy is going. i am also going to be seeing a doctor who practices NAET (you can read about it here) to see if it will help out with my depression and PTSD. my first appointment is on friday, so i'll let you know how it all goes. karina over at the daily delights suggested it to me, she said it's worked wonders for her.

also, hubby freaking rocks. and not just because he bought me this:
that's right, i am the proud owner of an iphone, and i LOVE it.

well i'm going to get up off my butt and do some workin' out, then on to clean my nasty house before my piano students arrive this afternoon. (did i mention i have ten students now? woot woot!)

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Eliza said...

Welcome to the iphone club. :) You have 10 students? That's awesome!