Saturday, February 6, 2010

moving again!

i know this is hard to believe....but we're moving again. we've lived here in my in-laws' basement for about eight months now and we are very ready to get out. we have been looking at local apartment complexes as well as basement apartments and homes for rent. we finally found one that we like, that is in a nice area that we can afford. hooray! we put a deposit down on a three bedroom apartment and we'll be moving in less than three weeks. we've already started packing everything up again. moving is stressful and expensive but i can't wait to get into our own place again.

this complex is fairly large but is nice and quiet. the apartment we got is really close to the playground, barbeque areas and sand volleyball court. there is also a wildlife reserve right smack in the middle of the complex complete with a pond, geese and ducks. our building is right by this, too. there is also a big park right across the street with more playgrounds, lots of grass and a baseball diamond. the complex has two swimming pools and hot tubs, too.

our apartment will have a big roman tub in the master bath, washer and dryer and a bathtub for the kids. andrew has been taking showers because we don't have a tub here. occasionally we can go upstairs and use my in-laws' tubs, but little buddy will love having a bathtub again. they also allow you to paint your walls in this complex so i'm looking forward to painting cute things in the kids' rooms.

hubby already met our downstairs neighbors and he said that they seem nice. i also talked to another family in the complex and she said there were a bunch of kids and that everyone is nice and it's quiet. all major positives!

we are taking a huge leap here. going back to apartment living will be a change. hopefully we won't have issues with noise, parking, or maintenance. money will be tighter but i think that it's worth it. as of now, we have two rooms: the living room/kitchen/little buddy's room, and our bedroom, which also has baby's crib in it.

so here's to space! our OWN space! hooray!

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Paula and Kevin Palmer said...

Oh man your new place sounds wonderful. I can only wish we can find a nice place like that when it comes time for us to move on out! Congrats!!:)