Saturday, February 13, 2010

tax return...

as hubby puts it...thank you, tax return fairy!this is my gift from the tax return fairy. a new bed! this is the pic from the website, obviously my house isn't anywhere near this clean or nice....haha. it's still in the box because we won't be putting it up until we move. i can't wait, though. our last bed was a waterbed frame that was actually meant for a california king so our mattress didn't fit right, and we discovered lastweek that mold was growing in one of the drawers. lovely. so now our mattress is on the floor. hubby says it makes him feel like he's camping out. isn't this bed gorgeous, though? i love it!

and hubby's gift from the tax return fairy. a 42" HD LCD TV. he is currently having some kind of seizure because he is so happy. he's playing on his PS3 and keeps talking about the incredible it is...he's so stinking happy and i love it. :)

oh the joys of having two kids, thanks to the government for giving us money for popping out babies.

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Eliza said...

I'm just happy you're watching signing time on that fancy new t.v. of yours.