Tuesday, June 30, 2009

we're finally moved in

so the move is over.

it went rather smoothly, with the exception of my mom being a pain in the butt for the hour that she was there. after a long and exhausting day....i've had more long and exhausting days trying to put everything together. it's been kind of a challenge to figure out where to put all of our stuff so far. hubby and i have taken a few trips to wal-mart to pick up things to set up the apartment, baby-proof the tvs, and generally get things in order. there is still some work to be done, mostly finish work like moldings, mirror/towel rack/etc. to be put up in bathroom, hang doors, blinds on the windows, and the entry way is still just sheetrock. half of the cabinets need to be put in. the kitchen has been the biggest challenge because we have a lot less space. we are going to get a new table that has storage under it to help. mostly i have to figure out where to put our ginormous microwave and toaster oven since we don't have an actual stove or oven.

it's kind of weird how quiet it is up here. very nice.....no thumping music, screaming neighbor kids, people yelling, cars revving engines, doors slamming, freeway noise, train whistles, construction noise......just silence. the only noise we get is the noise my in-laws make upstairs which is really minimal.

moving day, i didn't get a chance to "say goodbye" to our house. yesterday we went back to pick up four or five things that were left behind. i'm not going to lie....it was hard. i cried. i sat in my son's room and sobbed. two and a half years in that house, and we worked hard to make it a home. it's the only home my son has ever known, and it was obvious how much happier he was in the twenty minutes we were there yesterday than he has been in a few days. that was hard. it's going to take time for him to adjust to a new home, and eventually he won't even remember that house. but i will. i'll remember all of the memories we had there. everything we learned and experienced there, both good and bad. it is a relief to be out of that neighborhood. i know we made the right decision in leaving, but it was a hard decision.

unpacking has been going slowly, it seems. i did finally get our pantry put together, so at least our food is unpacked. i've got piles of boxes that i still need to go through and figure out where to put them. i've got a huge stack of boxes full of baby clothes. i think that sometime soon we are going to need to get a dresser (or two) for the kids. little buddy's clothes are shoved in a three-drawer rubbermaid thing right now. and as he gets bigger, his clothes get bigger, and the drawers don't get bigger. with another baby there will be nowhere to put her clothes. we're also trying to figure out what to do with little buddy's crib, and eventually a second crib, and then toddler bed, and then two toddler beds......hopefully we will be out of this apartment by the time our second is in a toddler bed, but the future is always uncertain. it will be interesting to see what happens with our one-bedroom situation here.

well. i'm off to take a nap. i've been sick today, on top of the exhaustion i've been feeling. luckily hubby will be coming home within the next half hour and little buddy is going down for a nap, too. hooray for nap time.

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