Wednesday, June 10, 2009

busy busy busy

holy crap, i haven't posted since june 1? i'm such a slacker.

actually i'm stressed beyond belief. we finally have a moving date---june 27th. we haven't sold our house yet (boo) but we do get to leave our very scary neighborhood (yay). i have been trying to pack and my house is a perma-mess. plus i've been sick for a few days, so there is a mountain of laundry staring me down, and dishes that need to be done (in spite of the fact dear hubby did them two days ago....i swear dirty dishes breed).

plus it's june, which means there are a million things going on. i have a baby shower this saturday which i am really looking forward to. this weekend is also a local scottish festival that we love to go to. and hubby has a barbecue with some work friends. next week i have a dr appt, a party with one of hubby's coworkers, my sister's bridal shower, and tons more packing to do. week after that we're moving. then it's the fourth of july, and the next week my sister gets married. i want to pull out my hair just thinking about it.

for my sister's bridal shower i'm in charge of the games. i have no money to buy things for games so i'm trying to find stuff i can do with what i have. any ideas? they're doing something really fun for her. she's already got all the dishes and things she needs so they're having a "deck the halls" shower where everyone brings a gift related to a different holiday. lucky me i got the fourth of july. awesome considering everyone has their fourth decor up for sale! i spent $20 and got the cutest glass hurricane vase with a white pillar candle in it. then i got these cute blue stars and some clear glass stones to go in it. then tie a pretty red bow around it and you've got a nice centerpiece for your table or something to put on a shelf. plus she can change out the stars and put something different in it for every holiday. i was pretty proud of myself. i just hope she likes it.

i got a cute new dress for her wedding, too. after looking everywhere i found an adorable one at old navy, and a cute little sweater thing to go over it on sale at wal-mart. and new shoes! my hubby rocks for letting me spend so much money. it makes me feel better since i've felt really left out of the whole thing. i'm the only sister not included in the wedding party. ok....take that back. the groom's older sister who is also married isn't included. something about how we're married so tough luck. it's been hard for me, but it's her wedding, not mine, so i'm not going to make a fuss.

well now that i've droned's a nice reminder for all of you to get your submissions in for the blog carnival!


Devri said...

slacker! of course your busy, that is what they all say!! lol

have a great one!

Enola said...

Bridal shower games ---- you can pass around a roll of toilet paper. Don't say anything. The number of squares each person takes is up to them. For each square they have to tell one random fact they know about the bride or groom.

And here's a website with some (mostly free) game ideas -

Kim said...

Sounds like the perfect month for you to host the blog carnival since you're clearly in need of something to keep you occupied! ;o)