Thursday, June 18, 2009

Keeping Mentally Well

The atoning love of the Savior includes His willingness to bear not only the burden of our sins--which would separate us forever from our Father--but also our day-to-day burdens of fear and anxiety--which would deprive us of peace and joy.

As Sister Patricia Holland explains, giving our burdens to the Lord sometimes requires us "to make that leap of faith toward His embrace when we are least certain of His presence...When we hand our fears and frustrations to Him in absolute confidence that He will help us resolve them, when in this way we free our heart and mind and soul of all anxiety, we find in a rather miraculous way that He can instill within us a whole new perspective--He can fill us with 'that joy which is unspeakable and full of glory' (see Helaman 5:44)."
Cornnut is an art lover and an advocate for child abuse prevention.
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Jill said...

Thank you for that quote. I needed it today.

mile191 said...

Thank you for this...I saw the picture and had to come over. i have that picture in my front room. thanks for the encouragement. hugs.

i needed what you wrote so much. i hope you are well.