Monday, June 22, 2009

the weekend is over....another busy one ahead

i officially have five packing days left until the big move. and i am really pretty stressed about it, although i don't think i have all that much to do. moving is just stressful. my house is a mess, and i'm slightly worried about our apartment being finished by the time we move in. then i get to unpack. ugh.

for those of you wondering, my sister's shower went rather well. of course my mom spent pretty much the entire ride home complaining about ten different things, but overall it was pretty good. i got to see my grandma and my great-grandma, as well as my aunts and a few cousins. my sister C did a great job with some additional games.

father's day was a great day too. i think my husband had a good day. little buddy and i made him french toast for breakfast in bed, and he got some cool gifts. a new shirt and tie, and some flag cases for some collector flags we have had for a long time. now we can properly display them. he also got a hat with little buddy's hand on it that says "#1 Dad." we went to the park, and had a delicious dinner of grilled skewers. we also watched the movie gran torino. (if you want to know what my hubby will be like in 50 years, watch that movie......a crotchety, stubborn, foul-mouthed old man with a strong sense of right and wrong, who would do anything and give anything for the people he cares about.)

so now i'm off to make a list of everything i have to do to get ready for the move. then when little buddy goes down for a nap, i'm taking advantage of it and sleeping too!


spencer said...

Im not stubborn..... :P

Devri said...

Sorry your stressed! It will work itself out! put your feet up and enjoy a treat!

Mike Golch said...

I hope that you donot mind that I am now giving the making a difference award that you gave me to all the recovery blogs listed on my side bar.