Friday, June 26, 2009

moving on

so tomorrow is moving day. it's weird. i'm not quite sure how to feel about it, i have so many mixed emotions sorting through them is difficult. it will be nice to have this whole move thing OVER....i'm tired of packing, of the piles of boxes everywhere, and of the huge mess that comes with a move.

it will be sad to leave this house that we have made a home for the last two and a half years. we have put time, money, and effort into making this house look nice. somehow it seems kind of a waste since we're leaving it behind. but while living here it was worth it. it will be sad to leave the place where we have learned so much about ourselves and our marriage, where we have found out we're expecting two children, where we brought the first home.

it will be hard to move from our own home into an apartment. and harder still to move into an apartment that is in the basement of my in-law's, and much smaller than our house. it will be interesting trying to figure out what to do with two kids in a one-bedroom apartment. we don't know how long we will be there at this point. i'm concerned about keeping family relations intact.

but it will be nice knowing that if i ever need help, people i know, love, and trust are just upstairs.

it will be a huge relief knowing we are in a safe place. leaving the fear of crime behind, leaving the annoyance of loud music, obnoxious parties, and stupid neighbors here with our house. having a lot more space for little buddy, our new baby, and even the dog to run around in. the sanity and peace of mind of my husband, who stresses beyond belief over our safety in this neighborhood.

ultimately the most important thing here is doing what is best for my family. this move is the best thing. being able to take my son for a walk, to go outside, and not having to worry about what may happen will be nice. where we're moving we will be in a quiet place, removed from neighbors, on two and a half acres of land. with this move will come many new challenges. but also with it we will be leaving some challenges behind.

so off to finish the last of the packing. off to getting the last few things in order. tomorrow morning, bright and early, we will be loading up the truck and saying goodbye.


Devri said...

Good luck! I know it is scary, We had to move into the inlaws when I had 4 children for 3 weeks, it was hard, cuz I knew it wasn't my home. but I was good non the less, and I will be good for you also. pray and have strength. It will work!

Kim said...

Hoping the move went well and you're settling into your new space.