Monday, March 4, 2013

all you need is is all you need

being a mother is the most difficult and most amazing thing i've done.  every day i am responsible for not only taking care of the physical needs of my children, but also their emotional needs--and teaching them to be fine, upstanding members of society.  it's hard.  i lose patience sometimes.  i just want to turn on the tv some days.  i try very hard to play with them, or plan projects or games, or do arts and crafts....but frankly, there are times where just giving them food and keeping them from killing each other is the best i can do.

but then i remember....

....and then everything is much easier.  no one could love my children more than hubby and i do.  no one could be a better mother to them than me--because they are a part of me.  they mean everything to me and i would die for them.  so even when princess is throwing toys at buddy's head and he is screaming hysterically and all i want to do is scream, i just need to remember that LOVE is all i need.


shotofcourage said...

Remember when we made homemade Valentine's that one time? And yours were so creative and awesome and inspiring? And mine were so lame. So I just copied yours. "All you need is love" featured prominently.

shotofcourage said...

More OT, I totally know what you mean about being a mommy all the time. There is an easy way and a hard way, and the hard way takes so much more effort. But truly, you inspire me when you share your mommy projects. I have gone out to search for things specifically to copy your mommy talents too.

Some things never change, I guess!