Wednesday, March 13, 2013

yeah i'm awesome because i have an awesome easel and that makes me awesome.

so for my birthday hubby and the kids got me a freaking awesome field easel.  it packs up all nice and small and fits in a canvas bag, and is super adjustable.  so look at how cool my easel is and ignore my messy house.  (in my defense, i have a three year old, a five year old and a husband.  plus i'm a crappy housekeeper, so there.) 

i was so excited about my freaking awesome easel that i suddenly became prolific in my art production.  i did a really difficult and time-consuming paint-by-number, which turned out pretty well.

then i was perusing pinterest and found this cool sketch done by picasso of a mother holding her child.  it was unfinished, but i loved it so much that i did an acrylic of it, and finished it in my own style.  i love the way it turned out (mostly) and it's now hanging in my entryway.

hubby asked me to paint something just for him, so for valentine's day i did this one.  he is studying applied cognition and neuroscience (if you just said "wait, what?" i feel ya.  big words.  he's studying the brain because he's a brainy brain lover.  hehe.)  so i looked at some brain scans and came up with this.  pretty cool, eh?

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peachytiffers said...

I love the pic of the mother and baby. So much! I also like the brain one, I saw that when you first posted it on facebook and loved it then too.