Tuesday, March 12, 2013


 soooo.....this blog has been going since september of 2008.  that means i'm celebrating the 4 1/2 year birthday of my  precious blog.

and because i have 60-something followers that i LOVE i'm going to have a giveaway.  with TWO prizes!  TWO opportunities to WIN!  and who doesn't LOVE to WIN?

Prize #1:

An original acrylic painting by MOI on a wrapped 11x14 canvas--your choice of subject matter!  that's right, you pick what you want me to paint and we will work together to create a custom work of art just for YOU.

Prize #2:

your very own art journal, with a custom entry by MOI!  The one shown below is my own, I will get one similar for the WINNER!  The cover page I will do just for YOU, the WINNER!

So here's how to enter.

1. if you aren't already, become a follower of my blog.  
2. leave comments on two of my archived posts.  the farther back you go, the awesome-er!  (for every two comments you get an additional entry--with a limit of 5 entries.  that makes 10 comments.  although you are MORE than welcome to leave a comment on every single post if you wish!)
3. post about my blog and/or the giveaway on your facebook page, twitter, blog, etc. and link it back HERE!
4. post a comment here on this entry letting me know you have done the previous things, and VOILA!  not only are you an angel, but you are also entered to win.

want additional entries?  besides leaving me loads of comments?  here's how to do it!

1.  get an entry for every friend you refer that becomes a follower of my blog.
2.  get an entry for every friend you refer that posts about my blog/and or giveaway on their facebook, twitter, blog, etc. and links it back HERE!
3.  write me a short poem on why you deserve a painting i create using my mad artistic skills just for you.

so there you go.  a big giveaway.  i know i've been MIA for a year or so, i've been trying to post a lot more frequently....but it seems my loyal followers are MIA now, too.  show some love, leave me a comment, and WIN WIN WIN!

who knows, if i have enough entries, i just might add a few more prizes!

the deadline?  one week from today, March 19!

ready?  set....GO!


shotofcourage said...

I'm in, I'm in, I'm in. I am a super fan of your art. I'm in.

Sky, Jausi, Capree & Cashden said...

I'm totally in!! I LOVE your art and I love your blog!

keri said...

Done and Done. :) fun idea for a giveaway to make it personal like this.

spencer said...


peachytiffers said...

Okie doke! I don't know how many posts I commented on. I was trying to do a variety of years. :) I also shared it on fb, but don't know how to link it here, sorry I'm lame. I've followed you for years, but now I officially follow you. Next time around I'm hoping to be more timely about it and hopefully you can get some more traffic to your blog!

Eliza Barlow said...

I've been out of town. Am I too late? What a fun idea. You're so great!