Tuesday, March 5, 2013

hubby's contributions to my art journal

 the other night i asked hubby to contribute to my art journal.  i told him to draw whatever he wanted.  hubby is a genius--a scientific mind, but not an artist.  i am very proud of him for drawing in my art journal for me, when it's something he doesn't enjoy doing. 

this one, "tough love," started out as a heart.  then he put arms on it and decided that the heart looked strong now so he called it "tough love."  hehe.

the second one he drew was about me, and what he thinks and feels about me.  i love it.  it's a colorful and happy butterfly, just emerged from its cocoon.

i think i've left my dark past in my cocoon behind, and now i'm flying forward into my life.

thanks, babe.  

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Anonymous said...

That's so sweet! And he's a way better artist than I am. Seriously, I'll have to draw things for my students, and they know me so well at this point that they just throw out compliments to make me feel better, cause my drawings look like child scribbles. :)