Wednesday, June 23, 2010

expressive arts carnival activity number 1

i stumbled across an expressive arts carnival today at mind parts. this activity is right up my alley...and i really wanted to participate in this carnival. each month, there will be a new creative activity. this is the first month--and the first activity is to create a wordle or other word cloud to captures the essence of a soothing activity.

for me this wasn't even a question. art. art is what brings me peace in expression. art is what allows me to release and express my thoughts and emotions when words fail. drawing, painting, even something as simple as using crayons in a coloring book brings me such childlike joy, such satisfaction. i would be lost inside my own head without my art.


Paul from Mind Parts said...

Absolutely incredible. Thank you so much. It's great. This rings so true to me. So glad you participated. Paul.

Eliza said...

That is beautiful! I am not artistic at all but I love going to shows. I'm going to have to click on those links you gave us (thank you) and find out more about these. Or if you go, LMK and maybe we could go together. It would be extra cool to go with someone that had a piece or two in the exhibit.

castorgirl said...

This is stunning and really interesting... Especially the way you've connected the different words.

One word jumped out at me - "speak". Some things are impossible to express in any other way than through art.

Thank you for sharing this and participating in the carnival.

Take care,

Austin said...

are you on Flickr by chance? I'd like to see more of your artwork. I saw some on Picassa but I was wondering if you're on Flickr?