Tuesday, June 1, 2010

another reason why i love our apartment complex

so yesterday hubby did his routine checking on the sex offenders in our area. turns out one moved into our complex...in the building right next to us that is next to the kids playground. well we were told before we signed our lease that this complex does not allow sex offenders (or felons of any kind), and they did background checks on us to make sure. as you can imagine we were pretty upset by this, having been told one thing and seeing another. so i called the manager.

turns out they really DON'T allow sex offenders and that this guy is not on the lease in that apartment, so they didn't do a background check on him. that means these people are in violation of their agreement. the manager was great, she said she really appreciated me bringing this to their attention. she did her own search with the dept of corrections, found the guy, and went right on over to their apartment and gave them a three day notice to vacate or comply. she told me they'd be evicting this guy right away and if nothing was done then she'd be contacting their attorneys. wow! and i was expecting some kind of fight, or that she was going to tell me things had changed (our management just changed a couple months ago) and that we were out of luck. i was so pleased that she was so nice, and understood my concerns, agreed with me and did something about it right away.

hooray for our apartments! one more reason i LOVE living here.


Hilary said...

It is SO rare that someone really takes their job seriously and does it.
I LOVE it when it happens though. :)

Paula said...

I do agree with Hilary. Even more so that you went there it brought to their attention. Well done.