Thursday, June 10, 2010


painting the baby's room. i think this ended up taking me a lot longer than little buddy's room. (you can see it here and here.) it turned out so cute!

the ceiling...i did a big sun around her light.
one wall has large flowers on it that goes from floor to ceiling. i couldn't get it all in one picture so here it is in pieces.

the color scheme came from her curtains (yellow, orange, pink) and the glider rocker in blues and greens.
after i finished the flowers i did little butterflies in the same colors.
these two butterflies are over the crib, and i painted her name really cute in pink as well. but since this is an anonymous blog i'm not posting it. (if you know me and want to see it, i posted it on facebook and our family blog, which is private.)

didn't it turn out adorable? i'm glad i finally got it done, now i can put my paints away and her room can be clean again!


Kristi said...

Very beautiful! Love the details!

lostinamaze said...

Wow, that's just beautiful. I love flowers and what a great idea to brighten and cheer up a room.

Eliza said...

OH MY GOODNESS! You are so talented! I L-O-V-E it!