Thursday, June 10, 2010

my top apps for the iphone

i'm depressed today.

crappy night. up late because hubby had school, little buddy refused to go to sleep until after 10, then talking to hubby, slept poorly. in spite of staying up until all hours of the night, little buddy decided to get up around 7:30 am. joy. this meant he was a total pain this morning...whining, throwing fits, even pushed his sister a few times. baby was also whiny. i was able to finish painting the baby's room, which was nice, but the migraine i had a couple days ago came back. lovely. now it's naptime and buddy refuses to go to sleep...again.

as you can tell i'm in a sour mood.

so my attempt at a distraction.

my favorite apps for my iphone! i thought i would share them all with you.

1. my ereader, stanza. love this. i have a book with me wherever i go and it doesn't take up space. it fits in my pocket. i don't have to worry about finding a bookmark. i can download thousands of books for FREE! it is so awesome.

2. pandora. i have stations for every mood, and even some for the kids. little buddy is really into listening to music lately.

3. the iphone, same reasons as pandora. i LOVE music and have it on all the time.

4. my net diary. IF i were still being better at working out and eating this would be even more beneficial. while i was using it though it freaking rocked! it tracks your calorie intake and output, projects your weight loss and helps you lose more weight. it rocks and really worked....when i was using it, like i said.

5. gospel library. for us mormons this rocks. it's free, has all of the scriptures, church manuals, general conference talks, teachings of the presidents, youth and primary publications (for the strength of youth, duty to god awards, etc.) and much more. really easy to use, and i imagine if you were a teacher it would be really nice to have. you can cross reference and highlight through various resources. love it.

6. my camera and video camera. i use these a lot since i have such adorable kids.

7. art puzzles. these are by far some of my favorites. there are four that are free (michelangelo, monet, renoir, and rousseau). they are jigsaw puzzles with an easy, medium and hard setting. each app plays beautiful classical music. they are fun and very relaxing.

8. relax with andrew johnson (free version). this guy is a hypnotherapist from scotland, who has a recording to help you relax. it ROCKS. i've even got hubby using it with me. the music and his voice are perfect for relaxing. by the time i'm done with it (only 15 or so minutes) i feel great. i want to download his others but i can't stomach the $2.99 each right now. (he has apps for social phobia, substance abuse, and other things as well.)

9. words with friends. this is the ultimate game. hubby and i play it a lot. it's scrabble, only without the little pieces that get lost, fall off the board, and go flying when you accidentally bump the table.

10. idrag toilet paper. this one is fun and stupid. you use your finger to unroll the roll of toilet paper as fast as you can.

11. solitaire and spider solitaire. need i say more?

12. bubbles lab. little buddy likes this one, he's always asking me to play bubbles. you point and aim colored bubbles. when you get three of the same color to touch, they fall. you try to knock them all down before time's up.

13. my art apps: i have several art gallery apps that are great. the best one? the louvre's app. i love this. you can search every piece of art in the museum, read about it, see detailed photos of it, and even map its location.

14. itick, my metronome. this is awesome and i use it frequently with my piano students.

15. signing time. keeps little buddy occupied when we go shopping which is great. it costs way too much though.

if you have an iphone/itouch (or other app capable phone) what are your favorites?


Marj aka Thriver said...

My husband really loves the Pandora feature. May have to get one of them I-Phones one day. I hope you AND the little ones get some sleep.

Hey, I just realized today that this is the four-year anniversary of The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse. Can you believe it? I'm hosting at my own blog on Friday. Have an old post you could shoot over? I'd love to have you join us for the anniversary edition!

Paul from Mind Parts said...

Excellent post. I found your blog from Paula (Recovery in Art). I hope you don't mind if I follow it, because I'm interested in healing through art/pictures too. Thanks for this post. I have been meaning to talk about how the iPhone has helped and supports healing. Good for you. Paul.