Monday, September 29, 2008

things i love:

the noises my baby is learning to make. "bababababa" is lots of fun when interesting faces accompany it. (along with raspberries and flying spit.)

my sweet hubby who loves me even though i'm crazy/unstable/a total nut. and i'm really not kidding here--i'm a crazy unstable nut. a basket case. :)

being used as a jungle gym for little buddy, who would rather climb on me than anything else.

driving the car with the windows rolled down, the sunroof open, music turned up loud, singing at the top of your lungs (offkey, mind you) while other drivers stare at you....that's the best. man, i miss being a teenager. (sometimes.) (rarely.) (okay, only when it comes to being a responsible driver.)

getting caught singing to my mp3 player while at work. (again offkey.) (in my defense, i was in the hole of a file room, by myself. i can't help it that a secretary snuck up on me!)

turning a post-it into a work of art while waiting on hold.

the powerball, which gives my husband fantasies of what to do with 15 million dollars. cross your fingers for us, they draw on wednesday...

the fact that i can officially fit in to EVERY PAIR of pre-pregger pants i freaking own! woo hoo! (they don't look the same, but i can zip them up!)

adorable halloween costumes. one of which was purchased this evening by my hubby for our little buddy's first halloween. i guarantee he will be the most precious infant out there this year.


Beck said...

I love singing in cars. Car singing is The Most Fun. You fit into your pre-baby pants? Geepers.

Michelle said...

I still drive fast with the windows down and the music blasting every time I drive to and from Bowling Green to visit my dad. You don't have to be a teenager. ;)