Sunday, July 25, 2010


things have been bad lately. with the PTSD. with my depression. and now i've been diagnosed with bipolar II. i'm on new meds, which has been a pretty difficult adjustment. i've had some issues with my parents right in the middle of this which makes things so much harder. i am so glad that i have my husband, who is so supportive and loving. i don't know what i'd do without him. and my siblings, and my in-laws, who have also been so supportive. my parents try, i know they do, but it just doesn't work out. thanks for all the support you all have given me, as well.

my therapist thinks that i was pushing myself too hard in therapy, too fast, and it just got too much to handle. she's got me backing off the workbook for a bit and she wants me to see a therapist who does EMDR. she thinks that will help get rid of a lot of the traumatic feelings i still have associated with the abuse so that i can move forward. anyone have good experiences with that?

anyway. i've got to stop dwelling on this right now. so expect a stupid frivolous post coming up next.


Anonymous said...

I know they do EMDR with vets who have come home from combat. And I like that for them because I feel like they spend a lot of time avoiding feelings and memories. They end up spending more energy avoiding than it would take just to deal with it. It is really hard at first, and things ge worse before they get better,

but it at least does get better because they are finally acknowledging the "elephant in the room" and able to deal with feelings and thoughts. So those things start to lose their ability to keep them afraid. When they stick with it, it does really good things for them.

Paula said...

At the place where I am doing my trauma therapy they do EMDR as well. I didnt need it, yet some of the clients being there when I was there, had EMDR sessions. All of them were nervous before and relived and glad they did it afterwards. All got several sessions, each session will focus on one specific memory - and trying to ease this particularly memory. it was incredible to watch how all of them started to loosen up a bit, particpated more in group life and even their faces didnt look so strained anymore. Yet that are just my observations. Not sure whether that if of any help to you.

Enola said...

I did EMDR and would be happy to answer any questions you have about it.
It was hard because I could remember details about the incidents more clearly than before. But then after a few times with it, it got better and now I can think through the incidents without having huge panic issues. It was also helpful because I was able to remember the details in a safe environment, rather than having them come back in dreams or during panic attacks.

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