Tuesday, July 6, 2010

blah blah blah and blogs

i had all these great intentions of writing several posts today, including a submission for the july blog carnival and setting them to post automatically. i had a bunch of ideas (which have all flown out of my head at the moment) and i'm pretty sure they were great ones, too.

but then i somehow ended up having a mood swing and now i'm depressed and craving coke and a giant bag of hershey's bliss chocolates so that i can sit in my bed and eat the whole thing and watch a sappy movie that of course will make me cry. maybe romeo and juliet...i've been wanting to watch it again for awhile.

on the plus side i went running again this morning for the first time in far too long. my therapist told me to start exercising, i've told myself to start exercising, i know my psychiatrist would tell me to and anyone with any kind of sense would as well. so i ran/walked about 2 1/4 miles. i lost major steam at the end but i did it in about 33 minutes, not bad considering i was pushing a stroller with both my kids in it, i'm really out of shape, and i got winded.

because i love you all as well i'm going to share a few of the blogs i've been enjoying reading lately.

jia has been writing her life's story on her blog and i'm enthralled--can't wait for the next one to post! plus she's hilarious and i love her sense of humor.

foxy pink cheetah always makes me laugh and also posts things that really make me think about my religion and how her experiences are similar to people that i really love and want to understand.

i also love reading paula's blog, she's out on a big trip right now but you can read her archives!

then there's kaitlyn who happens to be one of my best friends in real-life. she needs to get her rear in gear and post on her blog. (love you, miss kaitlyn...)

and my sister, who is making me insanely jealous because she's in england right now. just went to scotland...and visited croatia and serbia. i think they have plans to visit italy and france too. someday she said she'll take me...

dallas, a friend of mine from high school who is also an artist. she posts her artwork (which is awesome) and pictures that are inspiring to her. i love looking at the posts she puts up.

miss eliza who pretty much rocks in every way.

mormon mommy blogs

my friend vanessa who makes me laugh so hard sometimes i pee my pants. drat those weakened muscles from having kids.

fmh, segullah, and the exponent

among others, but i think this is a good list for now.

so what do you read?

anyone have a bag of chocolate or a giant coke they want to donate?


Bev said...

if i were any where near you I could find chocolate and coke

Paula said...

Today in the middle of nowhere I have found a small internet cafe and look - I find my name in your blog post today. I am truly honored to say so. I am looking forward to do some more paintings and drawings after my pilgrimage with you. The material I had with me got soaked in the rain...thinking of you. Love from this side of the pond