Sunday, April 5, 2009

return home

i'm back from our little trip. the funeral was very nice, and it was good to see some of hubby's family that we rarely get to see. it was freezing cold, though, and really windy, which was too bad because the graveside service was really short because of it. little buddy got an adorable new suit to wear. everyone just adored him. i mean, how could they not? he is the cutest baby in the world. (even though i'm biased it's still the truth. :) ) i was surprised at how well he did on the trip. it's about a three hour drive. the way up he stayed awake and was really good until the last 45 minutes or so, when i think he was getting sore from being in the carseat for so long. we stopped and let him walk around for about 15 minutes and then he was great. the way home he slept the entire time. we purposefully had him miss his morning nap so he would sleep in the car.

although it was nice to get away for a few days, stay in a hotel and have a little vacation, i am glad to be home. little buddy had to sleep in our portable crib, and he didn't like it very much. it is smaller than his crib and when he tried to stretch out he couldn't. he slept much better last night than he has in a few days. he also won't sleep if he can see us, so we had to hang up a blanket between our bed and the crib using giant push pins. pretty much genius if you ask me, although it made our already small room much smaller. i do miss the cable tv, though. i watched reruns of project runway and man do i miss it. oh well, it saves us tons of money to have regular tv instead of paying for cable. we got to go swimming too, which was fun. i was slightly put out i could only put my legs in the hot tub (oh the joy of pregnancy!) but it was fun to see little buddy in his swimming suit. he didn't care for the pool too much but he had fun walking in circles around it.

poor hubby had to go back to work today. i know he enjoyed his week off with us. i enjoyed having him home, too. but it's back to the grind this week!

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♥georgie♥ said...

glad you all got to get away...sorry it was under the cirscumstances it was...

a hot tub sounds divine right now!