Saturday, January 30, 2010

bob the fish and other random tales

we got a new fish.

it's been eight months since the passing of thor, apollo, and the-third-fish-whose-name-i-don't-remember. since i can't seem to keep bettas alive, we got a goldfish. little buddy named him bob. bob the goldfish has lived three days so far and seems to be doing well. no fungus like my bettas. this is a good sign. i'm still not getting attached to the darn thing since i cried and cried over my dumb bettas and i'm expecting the goldfish to die at any second. we will have to see how long he lasts.

i've decided winter needs to be over. yes, i know it's only january, but i am so sick of winter. i can't wait for spring and warmer weather and being outside.

little buddy, who is not quite two, now knows his entire alphabet. i, as his mommy, am busting with pride. can you believe it? what a genius my kid is. he also recognizes the ASL alphabet although he can't sign them yet. he learns new signs and new words on a constant basis now. he also knows his numbers up to ten. how many one year olds can do that?

princess is huge. i can't believe she is almost four months old now. she is very big for her age and i've got calluses on the inside of my knuckles from lugging her heavy car seat around. she is the prettiest baby i ever saw, with the biggest smile and wide blue eyes. and she sure loves her mommy. she loves me so much that i'm the only one who can calm her down and put her to sleep. it gets kind of frustrating because i have to be with her all the time and my arms get sore, but it's nice to know she feels safe with me.

i'm just starting to get over some nasty cold virus. like always, i catch EVERYTHING that goes around. (in fact, i'm pretty shocked i haven't caught the swine flu yet.) hubby gets it and is sick for four days. i get it and i'm sick for a week and a half. yucky coughing, headache, sore throat, congestion...gross. i can't wait until it goes away completely.

hubby got a new iphone and it is pretty darn awesome. little buddy likes to play toddler games on it, hubby can download books to read, and he's got some cool apps. it's nice having the internet with us everywhere we go, too, so we can look up phone numbers and addresses and such. i will hopefully be getting one in march when i'm due for an upgrade and i'm excited.

well i'm off to update our family's blog with pictures from the aquarium. little buddy had so much fun looking at the fish. i love going fun places with my family...i am so lucky to have such cute kids and such a great husband!

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