Tuesday, October 6, 2009

she's here!

monday afternoon was my last appointment with my doctor. it was my due date and boy was i feeling sorry for myself, i was still pregnant and still uncomfortable! my doctor told me that if i hadn't gone into labor before friday, they would induce me. so we scheduled the induction for 7 am friday morning.

we got all of our plans put together for the weekend, who would take care of little buddy, got the house cleaned, bag packed, etc. thursday night my in-laws took us out to eat at olive garden, and i started having contractions. by midnight that night they were about 10 minutes apart and getting more painful. i went into labor the night before i was supposed to be induced.

we arrived at the hospital about 6 am and i was in some major pain--lots of back labor. i had already progressed to about 5.5 cm and we were thrilled. an epidural and a few hours later, our little princess was born, at 11:34 am.

she was 8 pounds, 6 ounces, about 5 ounces heavier than her brother. she was 2o.5 cm long--exactly the same as her brother. and she was beautiful! the delivery was a breeze compared to little buddy and i can't believe how quickly i have recovered already. we brought her home on sunday.

i still can't believe that i'm a mommy of two now. hubby has been such a great help--doing so much with little buddy and our new little princess. he's helping me at night and letting me sleep during the day. little buddy is doing really well with the adjustment so far i think. he's listening a little less and today he refused to nap, but overall i've been happy with how well he's done. he's a great big brother and i can tell he loves his little sister.

having two kids now isn't just twice the work--i think it's more like ten times the work. but so far it has definitely been worth it. i'm loving all the little pink things all over the house and the sweet little sounds she makes. i love how soft her dark hair is and the way she looks at me in the few minutes she's awake.

being a mommy sure is the best thing in the world.


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Congratulations !!!!!

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I tagged you on my blog - just wanted you to know. But I think you get a pass from playing along given that you are on maternity leave!

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Congratulations! That's amazing that you went into labor the night before you were to be induced. I hope you can post a picture some time. I'd love to see the cutie!