Thursday, August 6, 2009

nesting nesting

it has been nearly forever since i last posted. i'm online every day....and every day i have writer's block. i am getting closer and closer to my due date (only 7 1/2 weeks left!) and the closer i get, the stronger my nesting urges become. i think i've been nesting a lot more and for a lot longer than i did with my first pregnancy. so far i've made a baby blanket, five lace headbands with bows, and about 50 teeny tiny bows for the baby. i've cleaned, i've organized, i've cleaned, i've organized. i'm starting to work on these adorable binky charms (i found the pattern here) and got more ribbon to make more teeny tiny bows.

so i told you i'd post pictures of the baby's blanket once i got it finished. well, here they are!

and here's one of little buddy's:

didn't they turn out adorable? took forever....i did the cross stitch top, then used wonder under to fuse a flannel back to them, bound and tied them.


VICKI IN AZ said...

You did a beautiful job here.
I love this quilt.
Almost there girl, I know you would probably like to kick me in the teeth for saying that, good thing I am a virtual friend!!

Marj aka Thriver said...

Thanks for sharing your sweet! When I was "nesting," I did a lot of cleaning. I remember even scrubbing down walls! ;) Enjoy your nesting period and take care of baby and you.

Enola said...

great job! I love those