Monday, July 13, 2009

the wedding has come and gone

so my sister's wedding is over.

in my opinion, it actually went much better than i expected. my mom was bossing everyone around and stressed out of her mind (so she was pretty loud and obnoxious at times) but overall we were able to avoid the negativity that can be my mother. hubby was much more annoyed than i was, which is understandable, since i've had a lifetime of dealing with her crap and he hasn't.

the wedding day was very nice. mom wasn't as stressed. i was included in a way i really wasn't expecting: i accompanied my mom and sister into the bride's room at the temple to help her get ready. it really made me feel good, in spite of being left out in other aspects (like being a bridesmaid). it was a beautiful sealing ceremony, short and sweet. it really had me thinking about my own wedding day, and how in love i was with my hubby, and all of the feelings of excitement, nervousness, anticipation, and joy.

after the ceremony we came out of the temple and the rest of the family was waiting. my mom's parents were able to travel from out of state, which was really nice--they weren't able to make it to my wedding. we took pictures in the heat, then had a good luncheon. my boys were the most handsome ones there (much better looking than the groom, if i say so myself).

the next evening was the reception, held in my parents' backyard. it was all decked out, my dad had built a dance floor, and a new portico that was covered in flowers. there were lanterns and ribbons hanging from the fence and the tree. there was dancing and yummy food. i got to see a few friends that i haven't seen in a few years, which was nice. hubby was great about chasing little buddy around for three hours. we danced together, and little buddy loved running around on the dance floor.

i'm glad it's over. it's in the past now, i can stop thinking about being left out, i can stop worrying about what will happen. unfortunately (or fortunately?) my next sister will be getting engaged sometime this week. her boyfriend already has the ring, they were just waiting for the wedding to be over. so....i get to do it all over again in december.

(if you have access to our private family blog, go check out the pictures i put up!)


kaitlyn.e said...

I'm glad it wasn't as awful as it could have been and that you got to be included (yay!) and that it's over.

I thought your sister was going to break up with her boyfriend...

VICKI IN AZ said...

Your mom sounds like my mom.

My son and his wife and my grandson were sealed this weekend.
My mom didn't bother to come.
I had my big meltdown on Sat nite about how much that hurt.
I am adopted so she and dad had me sealed to them, I thought she would know how much it would mean.
So... bottom line, Hubby says, she has given up on trying to keep up the lie. He's probably right.
Thanks for letting me tell you that.