Friday, December 16, 2011

little miss austen

today's post is mostly for one of my bestest friends, miss kaitlyn.e, and for the rest of you who are just as in love with jane austen as i am.

behold my recent library find:
Little Miss Austin: Pride and Prejudice, A Counting Primer

um, wow.  can i say this is pretty awesome.  and i find it rather thrilling that my two year old is, in fact, the one who found it.  she loves it.  if anyone wants an idea for christmas (for me or her), here you go.  and also:

Little Master Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet, A Counting Primer

Little Miss Bronte: Jane Eyre, A Counting Primer

Little Master Carroll: Alice in Wonderland, A Color Primer

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Eliza Barlow said...

Thank you for making my life better by telling me about this book, I must have...telling my husband about it now.