Friday, April 5, 2013

blue ribbons!

5 days into National Child Abuse Awareness Month!

have you been wearing your blue?

i am proud to say that i have worn a blue ribbon every single day.  my manager and assistant manager have also been wearing a blue ribbon every day--which i think is really awesome.  this is the first year i've had coworkers that have been willing to do that.  my manager even let me put a little sign about stopping child abuse out on my desk--and pass out the pamphlets for 7 Steps to Protecting Our Children from Darkness to Light.  how awesome is that?!

a few years ago i won an awareness bracelet in a giveaway.  i LOVE it, but i hardly ever wear it because bracelets irritate me.  so today i turned it into a necklace, and i love the way it turned out.  blue glass beads with silver bead accents and a sterling silver ribbon.  i'm totally wearing it to work tomorrow!  :)

i love the way wearing a blue ribbon opens up opportunities to talk about abuse prevention.

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