Monday, February 18, 2013

art journaling: the beginnings

a few days ago i decided that i was going to start creating more art.  i've been a bit more prolific with my art production in the last few months with my painting (more on that in another post), which is awesome, but pulling my paints out and getting everything together isn't very convenient sometimes.  hauling a sketchbook and prismas around is more so.

i've posted about how much i love pinterest before (it's a creative person's paradise).  after seeing examples of art journals i decided i wanted to create my own.  many of the art journals i've seen are very beautiful--and very elaborate!  i don't have hours a day to devote to an art journal entry, not to mention the right kind of sketchbook and supplies.  so i'm doing an art journal MY way, with my choice of materials.

this sketchbook is a really nice one--and one that my AP art teacher gave me when i graduated high school in 2004.  (yes, i've been holding on to it that long!)  when i opened it up there were two drawings in it (rather ugly ones, i might add).  out they went.  i typically don't like to rip pages out of bound sketchbooks but i made an exception in this case.  it has probably 200 pages of plain paper in it.  perfect.

my choice of media is pretty typical for me as well--prismacolor pencils (both standard and verithin) and sharpies.  i LOVE sharpies.  colored sharpies, black sharpies, thick sharpies, thin sharpies, angled sharpies, paint sharpies, fabric sharpies....i love how smooth they are on paper, and the way they smell, and the brightness of the colors.

and thus my art journal was born.

this was my first page--an illustration of what is most important to me.

it is true...what i love most about my home is who i share it with.

my handsome, genius, hardworking husband.  my sweet, intelligent son.  my spitfire, loving daughter.

my home wouldn't be HOME without them.

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