Wednesday, February 15, 2012

valentine's day in the cornnut household

yesterday was the day of love.
happy valentine's day!

while a number of people (including hubby) grumble about how valentine's day is a stupid holiday invented just for the greeting card/flower/candy companies to make money, i happen to like valentine's day.  for several reasons.

decorations.  let's face it.  decorations are a plus for any holiday.  i, being the nutcase that i am, LOVE decorating for any reason.  valentine's day is no exception.  (here, enjoy a photo collage of a few of my decorations.)  most of these items were made by me.  the wreath i made with dollar store ribbon, wire garland and vine wreath. the conversation hearts and the "be mine" blocks i made at my mom's house, where she and my sisters made some also.  the paper conversation hearts my adorable kids helped me make.  you can tell by the scribbles.  we made a ton of these to put down the stairs along the railing.  the LOVE banner i made with the help of my mom.  the conversation hearts in the vase...vase i already had, dollar store flowers, leftover candy from two years ago.  (i have two of these.)  window clings on the mirror in my living room, and the adorable hedgehog is courtesy of wal-mart.

flowers.  i LOVE flowers.  flowers are the BEST.  i love GETTING flowers.  not just on valentine's day, but, well, that's pretty much the only time i get them, because flowers are expensive.  so valentine's day is GREAT because hubby buys me pretty FLOWERS.  like the ones pictured below.  mini-roses.  aren't they gorgeous?

jewelry.  hubby also buys me pretty jewelry.  this year he got me a pretty necklace and earring set with teardrop-shaped purple stones.  i've worn them two days in a row.  and i LOVE jewelry.  (take a look at my bathroom counter if you don't believe EVERYWHERE.  but don't really look, because it is a mess.  really.)

chocolate.  seriously.  need i say more?  okay, i will.  CHOCOLATE.  lots and lots of it.  CHOCOLATE.  yum.  hubby got me one of those giant symphony candy bars.  chocolate and toffee.  unfortunately, it is not pictured, because i ate it.  and it was DELICIOUS.

kids.  kids are the best, year-round.  kids on holidays even better.  my kids were thrilled with the teddy bears hubby and i got them.  and they were by far the most adorable little valentines the world ever did see in their wal-mart shirts.  (especially little buddy.  everyone commented on that shirt.)

valentine's cards.  while we're on the subject of kids, let's talk about valentines.  my kids LOVED making valentines this year.  i cut out construction paper hearts, they used the glue sticks and crayons and voila.  beautiful cards.  since little buddy is now in preschool, he also had a class party where he got to hand out valentines.  thank you pinterest for the great ideas.  (apologies for the big black boxes, but i had to block out little buddy's name.)

the cards for the kids were so fun to make.  we took a hotwheels car with tread on the tires, ran it through black acrylic paint then across the cardstock.  doublestick tape to hold the little cars on.  they say:
"you're a WHEELY good friend!"
"you make my heart RACE!"
and "i'll never TIRE of your friendship!"

for the teachers, i got some inexpensive lotion, traced little buddy's hands on cardstock and taped them on.  they say, "miss so-and-so, you deserve a hand!"

greeting cards.  technically this could fall under the category of "valentine's cards," but we'll keep it separate.  hubby got me a cute charlie brown card to go with my fantastic gifts.  but i have to say i was extremely pleased with the card i found for him.

background: i love my husband's rear end.  this embarrasses him.  (sorry, honey!)  but the truth is, i tease him about it all the time, because he really does have the most attractive bottom i have ever seen.  (i could even tell you a story about the first time i realized what a nice butt he has, but i'll save it for another day.)  ANYWAY, i found this card while perusing, you guessed it, wal-mart. 

in case you can't read it, i will translate.

TO THE MAN I LOVE: after all this time, i still catch myself looking at you.  especially...well..the butt part of you.  i can't help it.  it's right there, connected to your legs.  how can i not look?  even now, as you read this, if i'm next to you, and even my eyes seem to be looking at your of them is actually--yep, you guessed it: butt.  i can't help it.  my eyes are just that talented.  oh, sure, there's a lot more to you.  you're kind, and thoughtful, and funny, and oh, so handsome.  hands down, you're the best guy a girl could want.  no ifs, ands, know.

HEHEHEHEHE!  i giggled.  out loud.  in wal-mart.  i would say that everyone stared, but there are lots of strange people in wal-mart so i just fit in with the crowd.  and hubby loved it.  he rolls his eyes every time i compliment his derriere, but i think he secretly loves that i love his butt.

giving gifts.  i am a gift-giver.  i love to be a gift-receiver, but one of the true joys in my life is gift-giving.  in fact, i frequently get into trouble for spending money i shouldn't on gifts for others.  this year, thanks to pinterest, i found another awesomely cool idea....a little book called the alphabet of our love.  (originally posted on the blog i love it all.)  it took me a long time to make this book for hubby.  i was thrilled with the outcome, i think it's pretty darn cute.  he loved it, too.  (and will cherish it always, because i said so.)  i have pictured only a few of the pages, because there are a lot, and because some of them i just didn't want to share.

but the best part about valentine's day?  the fact that my hubby loves me (and shows me he loves me) every other day of the year, too.

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Eliza Barlow said...

The award for cutest mom/wife on Valentines day goes to...YOU! I love it!

The only nice thing I did for my husband on Valentines day was that I dropped him off at the trax station in the morning (he walked home). We both had to work all day. :(