Tuesday, January 24, 2012

funny stuff my kid says

so, little buddy is just a month shy of his fourth birthday.
(i know, it's insane.  don't remind me how old i am.)

and being an adorable three-on-the-brink-of-four-year-old, he says some pretty funny stuff.

today, he looks at hubby and says, "do you really want to hurt me?  do you really want to make me cry?"

it's winter.  it's cold.  the other day we were getting in the car and he looks at me and says, "mommy, it's so cold my butt is gonna get freezed off!"  yes, yes it just might.  (it was that cold.)

he got a really cool Buzz Lightyear for christmas from my parents, and he loves to play with it.  however...he does not say "to infinity and beyond!" the way buzz does.  instead, he says, "to infinity, let me on!"  when hubby tried to correct him, he argued and told hubby that he was wrong.  "no, daddy, buzz says 'to infinity, let me on!' not 'to infinity and beyond.'  silly daddy."

and speaking of mistaken movie quotes, he also believes that gru from "despicable me" does not say "lightbulb" in the daydream sequences...he says "lightbomb."  he also thinks it's pretty hilarious to tell me that i drive like gru in the scene where gru parallel parks and bashes into the other cars.  (uh, no, but thanks.)

i can't think of anymore right now but trust me, that kid cracks me up.

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